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Why Private Money Lending Guide?

See what investors are saying.

“It was about two years ago that I made my very first private lender search using PMLG’s directory and my business took off. I’ve been able to do 5 more deals this year than I did last year due to the additional funding sources. I wish I would’ve found PMLG sooner.”

– Gary Holtzen, South Carolina

What can PMLG do for you

  • Get access to both local and national private funding sources; no email or credit card needed.
  • Match with private and hard money lenders interested in funding your specific deal in seconds.
  • Choose to email one or several lenders at once or email search results to yourself.

But that’s not all

Not only do we help you connect with the right private and hard money lenders, we provide resources to set you up for success. PMLG’s lending guide provides valuable resources on the topics ranging from working with private lenders to negotiating your deals.

Get a step closer to funding your deal

Find private lenders. Connect on your terms.