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About Private Money Lending Guide

We believe there should be an easier way to finance your deals.

Private Money Lending Guide is the longest-standing and most-searched private and hard money lender directory.  We connect real estate investors and private lenders looking for funding.  Therefore, when connections happen…. deals happen!

Established in 2009, Private Money Lending Guide has been serving real estate investors and private lenders for almost a decade. PMLG became part of the Affinity Worldwide family in 2013.  It should be noted, Affinity Worldwide is parent company to many national real estate investor-related brands. Those brands include Think Realty, National Real Estate Insurance Group, the American Association of Private Lenders, RentFax, LoanMLS and Radius Renovation Group.

Why work with us?

OUR PRIVATE LENDER DIRECTORY helps real estate investors match with a private lender quickly and efficiently.  The private lender directory is searchable by property location, property type, loan type and amount needed.  Private Money Lending Guide is the only private lender directory to partner with the American Association of Private Lenders.  Additionally, our “featured” lenders are required to be AAPL members for an extra layer of borrower protection.

OUR PRIVATE LENDING GUIDE features a broad range of topics to educate real estate investors about working with private and hard money lenders.  We update our guide and e-book frequently so investors have access to the latest information in the real estate investment and private lending industries.

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