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As a hard money lender, your business thrives on incoming leads. Not only do you need leads to be successful, but you need good, relevant, qualified leads. Here at Private Money Lending Guide, we can promote our hard money lenders to the borrowers who are visiting our site looking for you, the one who can fund their specific deal.  Hard money lender leads stream organically to our site directory, putting you in direct contact with your borrowers.

Your hard money leads are coming from individuals that are searching Google for things like: 

  • Private Money Loan in [their state] 
  • Hard Money Loan 
  • Private Money 
  • Hard Money 
  • Fix and Flip Loan 

Among other industry specific terms.

So, what is going to make you stand out?  How are you going to capture the most relevant hard money leads?  By placing you on the most comprehensive private or hard money directory online.  

Private Money Lending Guide drives thousands of individuals with the direct intent of find private and hard money loans every week.  Having your name on our directory puts you in the best position to capture those hard money leads that are searching for you.

Private Money Lending Guide makes it easy for hard money leads to find you.  We deploy strategies such as promoting on Google, Think Realty, exhibiting at Tradeshows, radio ads, and more.  What other lead source gives you such a relevant and direct intended list of hard money leads? 

How do I get started?

In 4 Easy Steps: 

  1. Go to Private Money Lending Guide
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Set up your profile (logo and profile pic, plus company info)
  4. Publish!
It’s that easy!

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