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Looking for hard money lenders list?  Trying to find a hard money loan is tricky and difficult to do on your own.  So, Private Money Lending Guide includes a nationwide hard money lenders list who can help you get a hard money loan.  Hard money lenders are otherwise known as “private money lenders” or “private investors.”  Therefore, the terms are used interchangeably.

In addition to helping you find a private money lender willing to lend you money, Private Money Lending Guide is a comprehensive, online resource for borrowers interested in educating themselves.  Therefore, learn more about the world of hard money loans and lending with Private Money Lending Guide.

Find a hard money Lender

Why is a Hard Money Lenders List so hard to find?

Hard / private money lenders can be individual investors or larger entities.  Often business is done through relationships or word of mouth, making it difficult to search online for a lender.  Therefore, a hard money lenders list is a very valuable tool.  Private Money Lending Guide makes this search easy for you to connect directly with a lender.

Use the Private Money Lender Directory

Use our nationwide lender directory service to find a hard / private money lender to contact.  More so, you can search for a lender by:

  • location
  • loan type
  • keyword (e.g. construction loan or rehab loan)

Contact a Hard Money Lender

First, contact one or more of the lenders and present your loan scenario.  Next, interview the lenders.  Then, decide on someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Overall, we provide hard / private money lender listings in all of the United States.

Find a hard money Lender

Frequently Asked Questions about Finding hard Money Lenders:

How does the Private Money Lending Guide help me find hard money lenders?
Our guide will put you in contact with lenders to borrow hard money in the US.  More so, because you can select a lender by loan type, its the best directory of hard / private money lenders in the country.

What is the best way to find a private money real estate loan?
Whether you are looking for a rehab loan, a bridge loan, or commercial real estate loan, our private money lending guide directory will help you find the real estate lender you need.  In particular, borrow hard money with loan terms that work best for you.

How do I find a hard money lender?
Most of all, a real estate hard money lender is a valuable resource when you want to get a hard money loan.  So, to find a list of private money lenders, go to our nationwide hard money lender directory which includes United States private money lenders.

How do I apply for a hard money loan?
Initially, the first step for any private money loan application is to find a hard money lender with the real estate loan type you need.  Then, request an application.

Where do I gain access to a list of hard money lenders?
Our directory is the #1 resource list of hard money lenders.  No other guide will enable you to search for a lender by the types of loans that they do, such as rehab loans, bridge loans, commercial loans, multi-family loans and many other kinds of loans.

Find a hard money Lender

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